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  analemma (position of sun in
            sky)  Calculation of position of sun in the sky: Arduino (C++), Octave (Matlab).

Bridge odds calculator (Linux executable):

Bridge odds calculator

Example: If we have 4 spades and 5 hearts in our hand, we want to know: what are the odds our partner has exactly 2 spades and 3 hearts (of the missing 9 spades and 8 hearts)? Answ: 7.93675%

Linux bash script to generate HTML index file on basis of directory contents

 Aphorism app    Android app for getting a random quote. Click here for the apk.

  PraiaDeFaro app    Android app for seeing the current (kite surf) conditions on Faro beach. Click here for the apk.

For more information, contact me at The University of The Algarve,

Prof. Peter Stallinga