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Statement on President Barroso's and Climate-action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard's statement on Obama's Climate Plan

President Obama finally adopted some climate policy. The EU union, by hands of President Barroso and special commissioner Hedegaard applauded this new stance of the United States. Read their statement here:

This of course demands a reply from

27 June 2013. Press release, for immediate release. is happy to see that the European Union is worried about its citizens. Climate, apparently is something that occupies the mind of the politicians and we have seen that they have successfully managed to convey their worries to the public. Now it is time for action, if not, it would be hypocrisy.

However, we would like to point out to Mr. Barroso and Ms. Hedegaard the following truths:

- The idea of CO2 having an impact on the climate was ordered by politicians. A special political body (IPCC) was created to prove this theory. An approach that lacks scientific methods, but is fully commensurate common political actions. It reminds us of strategies used in former East-block countries, so much despised by us, Westeners.

- There is no proof whatsoever for CO2 having a significant impact on the climate.

- The EU has managed to reduce CO2 emissions in Europe. As we know, Europe does not produce anything anymore. Everything consumed in the world is produced in China. This also includes green-energy technologies. The production of green energy is accomplished by buying green-energy technology produced in China. The net effect is a higher emission of CO2 in the world, (since, as we know, green energies have a negative net energy efficiency, except water dams). That is, some tiny reduction of CO2 emissions in Europe and a huge increase in China. Images of smog-plagued Beijing easily spring to mind. Thank you EU for destroying the planet, in particular China. We seem to be on the right track, since we, Europeans, are the Chosen People, and Chinese are but genetic waste. Or so it seems indeed.

- The EU has implemented climate policies that enabled louche entrepreneurs, a.k.a. 'Mafia', to take away huge sums of tax-payers money. The policies have amounted to nothing more than legalizing theft. There is a direct link between green energy implementations and poverty, since the money could have been used to do something useful for the countries, instead of wasting it for building Climate Hedge monuments (no other purpose than people gathering and admiring the objects). Europe is in crisis because of this type of financial mismanagement. The solution of this crisis, in the eyes of Brussels, is to take away more money from its citizens and distribute it to financial institutes and green-energy mafia. "If it fails, we'll just do more of the same".

Mr. Barroso and Ms. Hedegaard, your complacency is misplaced! Your policies have failed and continue to fail. There is no reason for giving yourselves compliments.
Our excuses for the straighforward and direct attack to your words, but we would like to finish with the adequate words of Nassim Taleb "If you see fraud and don't shout 'fraud', you are fraud!"

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Prof. Peter Stallinga